Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take to complete?

The program varies and also depends on your pace. But it takes typically 2-6 weeks to complete your package. All boss packages are worked on individually and in the order in which payments are received. Keep in mind boss packages are limited per month. Only a few spots are available for registration. Keep in mind once your business phone consultation is scheduled we will discuss all of your business ideas, business needs, and what’s most suitable for you.

What if I don’t have any ideas but i want to start a business?

If you are indecisive that’s no problem we can assist you with finding a business or side hustle that best fit your interest. By doing so we recommend that you schedule a business phone consultation through the site to get started on your discovery call. During the discovery call we will discuss things that you may be interested in, any skills you may have to gain profit, etc. No worries we will get the job done and are here for you.

Once I purchase my boss package or vendors what happens next?

When purchasing boss packages you get the opportunity to work with me one on one until your boss package is complete and you have received everything that comes with your boss package. Once you receive everything in your boss package your membership ends and you will receive a certificate of completion by email. You will have the option to continue services by signing up for a membership. If you are a client that feels as though you may need further assistance in your business signing up for a membership or further business coaching is highly recommended for you. If you have any questions after the period of your membership cancellation you can also schedule a business phone consultation for 1 Hr. Everything will be done virtually, by email, and by text.

What if I just want to purchase vendors only and not interested in the business program?

If you want to only purchase vendors only you will only receive the vendors that you paid for and each vendor will be sent to your email in a PDF form immediately once payment is made.. By purchasing vendors only your purchase will not come with additional assistance or help. Each vendor is legit and verified.

Is there a limit to how many business phone consultations I can schedule?

No, there is no limit to how many consultations you can schedule. But please keep in mind availability varies and is limited due to the high demand of consultations.

What is the process when purchasing a package?

When purchasing a boss package it is a pretty simple process. Once your payment is processed you will provide your first, last name, phone number, email address. You will receive an email with the available appointment times and dates along with your package details. Then you will receive a confirmation email/text stating that your business phone appointment was confirmed. You will receive a phone call at that date and time chosen. If you don’t see an appointment that best fits your availability feel free to text or email your name and number and please state your availability so that we can accommodate your schedule. During the phone consultation we will address any questions that you may have and discuss the following topics: How to become motivated and stay motivated Marketing strategies for your business How to gain customers How to gain sales How to build your business to make its first thousands in less than a week How to stay in business a lifetime and not a season What to promote and how to promote your small business Branding development ( logo ideas, business card design ideas, flyer design ideas ) Legalizing your business How to get small business funding How to maintain and operate your small business Profitable business ideas that are suitable for you The Do’s and Don'ts in business How to be creative and stand out from your competitors And so much more.... Once the 1 Hr business phone consultation has ended you will receive your list of vendors by email in a PDF format. Attached will also be instructions on how to contact your vendors for pricing, inventory, shipping details, and more. Keep in mind most vendors have websites that you can access and the pricing and inventory is available and you can shop around and purchase at your own pace.

Do I have to purchase my inventory as soon as I purchase my vendors?

No you do not have to purchase your inventory as soon as you purchase your vendors unless you want to. Purchasing our inventory can be done at your own pace. For example you can purchase your vendor January 1st and don’t purchase your inventory until September 8th. There is no time limit on when you can purchase your inventory. If you purchase vendors with a whatsapp number we highly suggest contacting your vendors to introduce yourself and let them know what kind of business you are starting so that they can be familiar with you and send you their inventory and pricing Also answer any questions you may have. Keep in mind these vendors time is not Eastern time. Give them time to respond due to different time zones and the huge amount of customers they deal with daily.

What if I have a business idea but everyone is doing it?

If you have a business idea but everyone is doing it you simply pursue your ideas but do it even better than them. Everyone may be doing the same thing but everyone isn’t doing it exactly the same. If I’m having any technical difficulties with my purchase who do I contact? You can email us at or text the business line with your name number and order # at 888-845-6604 and we will get back with you in 48hrs or less.

What if I have an existing business and I just need help with marketing, increase revenue, gain clients/customers, expanding, revamping my business etc. ?

If you have an existing business and need help with marketing, increasing revenue, and more. You will be required to purchase a custom boss package that best fits your business needs. For all custom boss package prices. Feel free to text us or email us. Also, You can schedule a business consultation for further assistance for your business needs

What if I’m interested in purchasing a boss package but have several business ideas?

If you are interested in purchasing a boss package but have several business ideas you will have to purchase more than one boss package. Each boss package is a minimum of 1 business per package. For instance if you’re interested in starting a hair company, a treats business, and a boutique you won’t be able to use one package for all three businesses. You will only be allowed to start your hair company with one package, your treats business with another package etc. Or you can choose to request for a custom package based on your business needs. All vendors in the boss package will only be catered to that specific business. For instance if you want to start a hair company you will only receive hair vendors. But if you want to add mink lashes you can choose to purchase that vendor separately through the website.

How do I know if Pretty Much A Boss is for me?

If you are an individual that would like to accumulate more income or just simply want to better your lifestyle. 90% of our customers are women that are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, tired of struggling, ready for a better living situation financially. They come to us for a solution. If this describes you then Pretty Much A Boss is for you. We assist women with overcoming life challenges and building a successful lifestyle by becoming their own boss.

Do Pretty Much A Boss offer payment plans?

Pretty Much A Boss does not offer payment plans. All boss packages must be paid in full in order to get started.