Policy Terms and Conditions

We value our customers and it's our diligence to uphold a great experience to our applicants/customers. There are no REFUNDS once payment is received and services are rendered for boss packages/services. Any authorized transactions that result in a charge back will face criminal charges and the charge back will be placed on the card holder's credit. Anyone knowingly processing a payment that is not authorized by the card holder will be held accountable and will be facing fraud charges. You will be expected to be responsible to apply the tools and information received to get the results you need in your business/side hustle. We recommend that you do not share your vendor/package information with no one. This content is for your use only.

There will be no tolerance for rude or disrespectful behavior before and after you purchase your boss package/services/product. You will be treated fairly and with great respect. We aim to deliver over satisfying customer service and an experience you won’t forget. Thank you for choosing Pretty Much A Boss.

By signing up for this program you are agreeing to conceal any information obtaining your emails and package. By signing up for this program you are agreeing that you are aware that refunds are prohibited.